4 thoughts on “Samsara

  1. Darn- erased my comment by taking a closer look at the word in the picture- I think it’s “protection.” Is the whole piece a talisman or are you referring to one of the energy rings surrounding you figure? I love the out-stuck tongues with their nod to Kali Ma, She-Who-Keeps-the-Wheel-Spinning. Folks comment all the time about the desire to quit samsara and be done with this world, but I still love to linger. There’s a wonderful line in the movie Michael, in which John Travolta is speaking to the dog and says, “Oh, Sparky I’m going to miss this so much.” “This” meaning earthly existence. I grok that completely. Thanks for visiting Two Twitch a Tale and liking the spider sonnet. Glad to return here and spend more time in your gallery.

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